The Occupation keeps your eye on the clock

Posted on July 25, 2018

The Occupation is White Paper Games’ time sensitive, first person, investigation story.

Set in North West England on 24 October 1987, players take the role of a journalist uncovering the mystery behind a tragic night of death. The game revolves around it’s fixed time narrative and cause-and-effect mechanics, driving tension and excitement through each unique play-through.  Each character met holds their own perspective of the event and the protagonist must use the tools at their disposal to write the story.

Published by Humble Bundle, the title will release digitally on Humble Store, Steam, the PlayStation Store, and the Microsoft Store on 9 October Now, White Paper Games eagerly declares that it is partnering with Sold Out to deliver physical versions on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One devices, including the Xbox One X, the same day.

The Occupation

Persuasion and manipulation are key in The Occupation. Using different approaches within the game, players can influence the characters’ actions and behaviours to get the desired results. The question is; do you take the most linear path and with the prospect of getting caught or meticulously scheme an approach with the risk of running out the clock?

The game looks like a mix between a detective show and a BBC drama due to impressive design.  Looking at the trailer, the voice acting is astounding and the art direction is beyond phenomenal. Coupled with gameplay that forces the player to think about how they balance priorities, “a bit like a real-time Hitman,” the developers are delivering something interesting.

Sarah Hoeksma, Marketing Director at Sold Out, says “it’s one of those games which grips you from the moment you start, the fact that it’s real-time is a fantastic point of difference leading to a captivating experience unlike anything else this year.”

The Occupation

Pete Bottomley, Co-Founder and Designer at White Paper Games, elaborates on the “huge opportunity” releasing physical is, being able to allow “players around the world to experience our work”. As a small, indie studio, it’s always outstanding to see a game release in store. It’s sort of like getting a movie into cinemas or having a television show broadcast live.  Bottomly says he, “can’t wait to see how people resonate with The Occupation and even more excited now that we have a release date!”

White Paper Games’ is previously known for the artistic puzzler Ether Oneavaliable on Steam and PlayStation 4.  Their debut project is a first-person adventure that deals with the subject of dementia, providing two ways of experiencing the game; a story-centric path or a mind-boggling conundrum route. The goal is to restore life changing events of the patient’s history to support the validation of their life. Ether One received critical acclaim for its creative representation of the mental illness and subject matter.

The Occupation holds the potential to be an intricate journey and a massive hit. Check out the trailer below before it releases on 9 October 2018 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.