Paladins is now free to play on the Nintendo Switch

Posted on July 26, 2018

Paladins has definitely proven that it can be the little hero shooter that could in a world where Overwatch continues to dominate the genre. Whilst there’s no denying the comparisons between the two games, Paladins has managed to carve its own unique path, allowing it to stand apart from its competitor.

One of the many ways in which it has done this, was in a bold and interesting move last month which saw Hi-Rez Studios announce that they were bringing Paladins to the Switch. There’s no denying Paladins has found itself a brand new market amongst Switch players, and with its already 25+ million strong player base I’m sure we’ll all feel right at home. It’s also a pretty damn good port. 

The Paladins team charge into battle

Whilst already Free to play elsewhere, until now Paladins has only been available on the Switch through purchasing the Founder’s Pack. If you purchased the Founders Pack you were given early access to the game immediately unlocking all Champions and their voice packs as well as some exclusive cosmetics. But all that has changed because Paladins is now free to play for Switch owners as part of a recent update to the game which ties into a much larger update bringing in new content and a new hero.

Update 1.3 Koga’s Revenge introduces the latest thrill seeking hero to the game, Koga. Run up walls, dash between platforms, and throw claws of flame at your enemies. Zhin’s former student has reappeared in the Realm, seeking revenge against the Thousand Hands Guild.

Once, a nameless street rat challenged the tyrant Zhin. For the boy’s remarkable skills, Zhin granted him a new life in the Thousands Hands Guild, and a new name: Koga. The Guild was Koga’s family and he became their finest ninja. But not all families get along. Jealous lies spread, false evidence was planted, and Zhin’s fury forced Koga to flee. Now the exiled ninja fights for his new family — The Paladins — as he searches for the one who betrayed him.

The latest Paladins hero

The cross-play feature of Paladins for players between the Xbox One and Switch makes this a very attractive free to play game, so if you’re looking for a good free experience on the Switch why not give Paladins a go and bring a few of your Xbox friends with you!