Sega enter the home appliance game with the Sonic Toaster

Posted on July 2, 2018

Sega is returning to the hardware market, sort of. For one reason or another their latest product is a limited edition Sonic the Hedgehog themed toaster, so get ready to have breakfast in style. The aptly named Sonic Toaster will burn a classic Sonic image onto the face of your bread, it also features a defrost and bagel setting. Sega have said that they need to sell 1000 toasters by July 13th to make this happen and they are currently 78% of the way there. If successful the toasters will be shipped by October 1st 2018 making it the perfect stocking stuffer for your local Sonic fan. Yes, they will ship to Australia and New Zealand.

At this rate the Sonic Toaster is certainty looking to make it into production and it is one stylish little box that would look great in anyone’s kitchen. Whether it has a Sonic speed boost setting to get you out of the house and off to collect those rings any faster than a normal toaster is unclear unfortunately. But what is clear, is that this is not a joke, this is happening.

So hop on over the the Sega Shop¬†and consider the merit of owning Sega’s very first (and likely last) toaster while stocks last.