I’ve been having the ‘slime of my life’ with Slime Rancher

Posted on July 27, 2018

Despite releasing originally in 2016, Slime Rancher continues to go from strength to strength. Just last week the game released its ‘Automation Update‘ which brings about a whole slew of new changes to help your ranch run itself. Since release the game has continued to generate a lot of positive buzz and if you’re sitting and waiting for the best time to jump in, do it now.

Slime Rancher follows the recent trend of the booming life / farming simulation genre. Although this game substitutes potatoes and hoes for slimes and a Vacpack. You start on your ranch and go out into the slime infested world, sucking up slimes as if they were ghosts from Luigi’s Mansion. There’s a huge variety of quirky slimes out there and each bring their own special properties, although you’ll probably start out with a basic pink slime.

Building up your ranch involves creating ‘plots’ to house your slimes, launching them out of your Vacpack and into their new pen. Feeding the slimes something they enjoy will result in them pooping out a ‘quartz’ which can be converted into the game’s currency. Use the currency to build more plots, start growing your own food supplies, expanding your ranch into new territories, and building your very own slime-based empire.

Simply put Slime Rancher is a hell of a lot of fun. Playing through the game you may find yourself initially confused although you’re never punished for experimenting… at least not too much. In fact the game encourages it heavily. Breed slimes with other types of slimes and see what happens. Explore the world and see exactly what it has to offer, continuing to file entries into your Slimepedia. Continue to upgrade and expand and pretty soon you’ll be a slime expert sitting atop your slime throne.

Slime Rancher slimes

Slime Rancher manages to be so impressive not merely due to the concept but also due to the execution. The game handles amazingly, looks gorgeous, and manages to provide hours of entertainment. Put on your Vacpack and dive into the gooey goodness.

Slime Rancher is already out on PC and Xbox One but will be coming to PS4 in September. There’s never been a better slime to be alive.