There’s an “erotic Australian football game” in development called Ruck Me

Posted on July 16, 2018

Commissioned by BAR SK in Melbourne and being developed by Robert Yang, Ruck Me (working title) is an “erotic Australian football game” that features “sweaty burly shirtless Aussie footy jocks”. Well then…

A new and… intriguing video game is under development by Robert Yang. For those unaware of Yang’s work, he is a developer based out of New York City who specialises in homoerotic gaming content and has previously released a “historical public bathroom sex simulator” called The Tearoom, a “male shower simulator about punctuality and submission” called Rinse and Repeat, a “short driving game about pleasuring a gay car and bringing it to climax” called Stick Shift and a “game about watching a dude slowly / erotically stick a thing in his mouth” called Succulent, amongst plenty of others.

If anyone were to develop a game about overtly sexualised AFL players, I’m glad it’s Yang.

Yang took to Twitter to announce some troubles he was having with the game (above). Troubles that he very quickly solved (phew!).

The game is still in early development, although thankfully Yang now has all the footage he could ever need to work on the game. For anyone wondering where they can get that footage, it was sourced from the video found here. We’ll be sure to stay updated on the development of Ruck Me as it progresses.