Ultra Space Battle Brawl: first ever Indonesian console game

Posted on July 10, 2018

Toge Productions, the masterminds behind the fantastic Infectonator series have just announced their, and the Country of Indonesia’s, first foray into the console game market with Ultra Space Battle Brawl.

Marketed as a Pong on steroids, with a mix of Japanese 80’s aesthetic and Indonesia urban culture, Ultra Space Battle Brawl is a fighting game that seems to be a mix between the aforementioned pong, lethal league and breakout with a frantic pace and flashy, neon graphics in a pixelated style. Not satisfied with a simple 1v1 game, Ultra Space Battle Brawl boasts up to 4 player functionality, 10 playable characters, and a single player story campaign.

Each of the ten “young, hard-boiled” characters have a unique ultra move which can flip your fortune on its head, which will help you on your way to be the best brawler in the galaxy, and determine your fate in the Intergalactic Society.

Ultra Space Battle Brawl also features music which is a mix of funkot, which apparently is Indonesian house music that is generally associated with truck drivers, and 80s synthwave. They even managed to get Manami Matsumae of Mega Man fame to weigh in and create a track for them.

Ultra Space Battle Brawl

If Toge Productions previous efforts are anything to go by, Ultra Space Battle Brawl is sure to be a great time. If you wanted to check it out, you can pick it up right now on Nintendo Switch from the eShop for 14.99. Or if you are feeling a bit less adventurous with your cash,  you can check out a three-year-old flash demo here, but that may not be indicative of the quality of the game from now.