Demon killer Victor Vran gets a Switch port

Posted on July 26, 2018

The demon-killing action RPG Victor Vran: Overkill Edition joins the ever growing number of Nintendo Switch ports when it launches onto the console on 28 August.

The Overkill Edition, developed by Haemimont Games and published by Wired Productions, includes the original Victor Vran game as well as the two expansions Motorhead: Through The Ages and Fractured Worlds. It will allow for two-player local co-op, and up to four-player online co-op.

Doug Cockle, who voices lead character and demon hunter Victor, and who many will recognise as the voice of that other demon killing hero, Geralt of Rivia, had a bit of fun in the lead up to the Switch launch. In one of the reveal videos Cockle asks Siri, the Apple version and not the Witcher character, some tips on demon hunting. Want to know the best music to listen to while killing hoards of monsters? Or uh, the best place to eat lunch?  Cockle and Siri have you covered.

The Diablo-esque looking game has been out on PC since 2015, and more recently became available on the Playstation 4 and Xbox One in 2017. You’ll now be able to kill all the demons on any console you desire when the Overkill Edition launches on the Switch next month.

The hero of Victor Vran