Doom Eternal explodes onto QuakeCon 2018 stage

Posted on August 11, 2018

2016’s Doom reboot saw id Software put the hell back into hellacious first-person shooters, delivering demon decapitating action at every turn. At E3 this year, they announced the sequel, Doom Eternal, and at QuakeCon 2018, they have finally shown what it’s all about.

The Doom Eternal gameplay provided shows that they may have listened to the fans, and really concentrated on the single-player experience. Cranking the gore up to about a 28 it features the same industrial style soundtrack. All of the fan favourites from the original are there; classic weapons like the double-barrelled shotgun have made a comeback, as well as a redesigned rocket launcher, and a new weapon called the Ballista which can only be described as a laser crossbow.

They even managed to sneak in a laser sword, so you may want to pack a poncho. Glory Kills are also back for a second round of up close and personal melee kills, which will definitely be welcome as you tear through the hordes of enemies that await. The demons have also become destructible in Doom Eternal, with limbs and pieces falling off, allowing you to systematically turn your enemies into nothing but a writhing torso. The enemies also seem to have gotten faster in the years since Doom 2016. My personal favourite enemy the cacodemon is back and it looks just as frightening as ever.

Doom Eternal

Speeding up the enemies is not the only thing id have been working on for Doom Eternal, with the player also given the ability to move around a lot faster, as well as upgrading the HUD to a more sleek design, making it much more appealing to the eye. Doom Eternal’s environments were also in laser focus with both Earth and Phobos, one of Mars’ moons, being shown off with starkly different aesthetic and design. All-in-all, it looks like id has put in a ton of thought into Doom Eternal, and it definitely shows through in the gameplay footage.

Doom Eternal

With id taking all the best parts from Doom 2016 transplanting them with a lot of new features to go along with it, Doom Eternal looks to be a sure-fire hit for all those single player shooter fans out there. But with no word on release date just yet, you will have to be stuck with your demons staying in one piece.