The Endless Mission is a game about making games

Posted on August 19, 2018

Perhaps one of the more interesting sandbox ideas I’ve seen, The Endless Mission is a sandbox creation game coming to early access this September. Available on Steam upon release, the team behind BAFTA award-winning ‘Never Alone’ has developed The Endless Mission with the goal to empower players to truly express themselves through creation. Developer E-Line Media have put out a Beta Trailer, which you can check out below, that breifly demonstrates the visual style and creation interface available in the game.

From the outset the creative freedom shown in the trailer instantly catches the eye, leading my imagination to already begin cooking with ideas of what could be made in The Endless Mission. In a press-release, E-Line Media has outlined their goal with the beta:

“With its open beta, The Endless Mission will empower players to play, mashup, modify, create, and share their own games across an ever-expanding range of genres – Platformer, Racing, and RTS will initially be available in the beta. This will provide gamers with powerful, Unity-driven game development tools, presented in an easy-to-navigate framework that is rewarding for gaming enthusiasts dipping into development for the first time and users with an extensive history of making their games something more.”

The Endless Mission

With community at the forefront of E-Line Media’s mind, The Endless Mission will be at PAX where players will work together to make the first community game. That’s right, those attending PAX West will be among the first to develop a game, in-game, in The Endless Mission. Such a cool idea!

The Endless Mission arrives on Steam in September 2018 with an Open Beta, followed by an Early Access launch in late 2018. Sign up to their newsletter here to get all the info on the upoming beta.