IGN writer continues to have his work removed after mass plagiarism is uncovered

Posted on August 16, 2018

What started as a single case of plagiarism by IGN writer Filip Miucin, has now turned into a deep rabbit hole full of stolen content from across multiple publications and the removal of all of all of Filip’s past work.

It’s been a pretty crazy time in the games industry. IGN writer, Filip Miucin, was accused of plagiarism by YouTube content creator Boomstick Gaming. Boomstick’s video comparing his review of Dead Cells to Filip’s review was pretty damning and highlighted what seemed to be a very obvious case of stolen content. Filip’s review was taken down and then he was fired by IGN who investigated the issue and agreed with the accusation of plagiarism. What came next was a snowball effect where Filip’s past work was dug up and the evidence of plagiarism continued to pile up across multiple forms of coverage and stolen from multiple publications.

The most recent was an incredibly blatant example of stolen content courtesy of Nintendo Wire who claim Filip stole their Fire Emblem preview “nearly word for word”. You can watch that video below.

Another case of plagiarism by Filip Miucin include his review of Fifa 18 stolen from Nintendo Life writer, Chris Scullion. Filip also uploaded a video addressing the situation (which he has since taken down) where he addressed the accusations, shrugged them off as coincidence, and accused journalists of dragging his name through the mud for article clicks. Filip also called out Kotaku writer Jason Schreier specifically within his video, and issued Schreier a challenge to uncover more examples of plagiarism. Schreier naturally took up that challenge and quite quickly found multiple additional instances of plagiarism after investigating and receiving multiple tips. Schreier’s findings can be found here and cover instances of copied content including a Samus Returns review originally written by Engadget.

IGN has condemned Filip and is now taking further action to distance themselves from him and attempt to mend those wrongs. They made a statement recently that all of Filip’s past content can now no longer be trusted and that it would all be slowly taken down and potentially re-created by a reliable source.

With such blatant and rampant examples of plagiarism out there, and all of this happening within one of the biggest gaming media companies in existence, questions of ethics within journalism may once again rear its ugly head.