It’s all about teamwork. Super Mario Party reveals co-op game mode River Survival

Posted on August 25, 2018

Almost upon us, Super Mario Party has been releasing a steady flow of gameplay videos, showcasing several game modes, including regular game walk-throughs and 2 v 2 rounds. This time, however, Nintendo has opted to show us one of its more teamwork oriented game modes titled River Survival. A fun little ten minute gameplay video from the Nintendo Treehouse has been released, and it looks ‘super’ fun!

Right from the start players are encouraged to take on the new mode with co-operation as their most important objective. The aim of River Survival is to navigate down a series of rapids with four players, two on each side of a raft, all while safely steering themselves away from rock hazards and reaching their end goal before time runs out. As players progress down the rapids they’ll hit a number of red balloons, that when popped will transport the team to a random mini game where they’ll need to work as one to achieve the highest score possible.

Super Mario Party

The games will possess varying levels of difficulty, but will always have a strong emphasis on teamwork and will reward you well for achieving higher scores. Indeed, those teams that aim for an ‘S Rank’ grade stand to get as much as 40 seconds added to their timer, which when you start off with 60 seconds, is a huge boost. The mini games shown included challenges such as navigating along a narrow path while carrying precious cargo, a spooky candle lighting challenge in which a colony of bats will whisk you away if they catch you, and a boomerang slinging challenge where you need to knock down as many moving cacti as you possibly can.

Super Mario Party will be available to play on the Nintendo Switch from October 5th, 2018. It is certainly looking like the next big party game with so many modes to play, you’ll be forgiven if you don’t manage to knock them all off in a single evening.