Multiple dead as mass shooter opens fire at Madden game tournament

Posted on August 27, 2018

A mass shooter has opened fire during the qualifying event for a Madden 19 game tournament. The tournament took place at Jacksonville Landing, a shopping/dining plaza in Jacksonville Florida.

The Jacksonville sherriff department sent out this warning to the locals:

It has been confirmed that multiple people have been injured and 3 dead. Taylor Robertson and Elijah Clayton are two of the victims who were killed at the scene. The third is that of the shooter, who turned the gun on himself.

Among the victims was ‘Young Drini’, one of the contestants representing compLexity Gaming. Thankfully the injury sustained is non-threatening, the team confirmed.

The motivation behind the shooting is still a bit of a mystery, although the shooter was a contestant at the tournament. Police are investigating if they operated alone as they safely remove attendees who have locked themselves in secure locations.

The game tournament and therefore the shooting was also streamed live via Twitch, with horrific screams and sounds of gunfire shocking live viewers. Official updates on the shooting will be available from the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office on Twitter.