New Melbourne-made brawler DimensionsVS hits Steam Early Access for free!

Posted on August 22, 2018

TeePee is an indie production company based in Melbourne that specialises in visual effects, animations, and most recently, video games. Their latest effort, DimensionsVS, is out now on Steam in Early Access, totally free to play. It’s a hectic 4-player brawler with an entirely new cast of characters brought together by a crazy TV-headed mystery man.

It looks similar to other brawlers such as Super Smash Bros. but it has a unique HP system that features a gauge that launches you further the more depleted it gets. If you get hit while on 0HP, the results might be chaotic! Fight your friends both locally and online, and get good with the training and break-the-target modes. There are initially 6 unique characters and stages to choose from, though they appear to be looking to add more in future updates. My pick for most interesting cast member so far is the antagonist Televisor, who fights with some flashy dance moves. For more information on DimensionsVS such as character moves and more features, you can check out TeePee’s website.

A 4 player multiplayer match in DimensionsVS

Early Access can sometimes be abused by publishers, so it’s great to see that this one is free to play. And the best part is, TeePee has stated that it’s going to stay that way even after the official launch, and that the only aspects that will need to be paid for are cosmetic. They’re aiming to have it out of Early Access by early next year. Check out the game here.

A 4 player multiplayer match in DimensionsVS