Rev your engines for Rocket League’s new Rocket Pass DLC

Posted on August 31, 2018

Massively popular Rocket League from Psyonix is still kicking around ever since July 2015. The motor-soccer hybrid is now scoring new goals with the first Rocket Pass DLC.  The seasonal paid content releases on 5 September for all platforms, introducing with it new progression systems, cosmetics, and more.

All players, regardless if they buy the Rocket Pass or not, will unlock 29 rewards by playing online multiplayer.  Purchasing the season pass will open up access to 70 rewards. These will include anything from cute flags, untamed wheels, incredibly extravagant goal explosions, countless XP bonuses, and more.

Players converging on the ball in Rocket League

Using the game’s key currency, anyone can upgrade to the Rocket Pass with only 10 keys. Additionally, players can use extra keys to ‘tier up’ and progress and unlock awards quicker.

This new Rocket Pass follows a massive overhaul version 1.50 update.  The largest change is to the progression system, now uncapped and no longer exponential like in the past. Previous progress is replaced with an equivalent level and titles like Master and Veteran remain within the current scale. The longer the match the more XP is accredited with extra for pulling off sweet tricks and flooring the opposition.

Rocket League Clubs add mini ‘guilds’ to the super-extreme sports title. A club captain can enlist up to 20 racers to represent a common tag and colours when brutalising foes with 9-0 match results. Players can also display news and announcements in their club hub, helping set up group play times and events.

Explosions on the field in Rocket League

Hopefully drawing more drivers back to their hot-wheel football-mobiles and rank up again and again. With an award upon each level coupled with amazing gameplay, the player base should rejuvenate substantially. Releasing recently on the Switch with Nintendo cosmetics definitely had this effect. Adversely, seasonal paid DLC and the choice to buy levels with keys may scratch fans the wrong way, particularly for a game already sitting on a decent entry price.

Ignore the expensive petrol price and fill up your rocket-powered car with Unleaded 98, Rocket League and its Rocket Pass DLC is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox, Switch, and Steam.