Return to Steelport with Saints Row: The Third on Nintendo Switch

Posted on August 22, 2018

The Nintendo Switch has been a popular home for ports from last-gen consoles, but this was still unexpected. A Nintendo Switch port of Volition’s Saints Row: The Third, the third title in the Saints Row franchise, has been announced.

Saints Row: The Third originally came out in 2011 for PS3, Xbox 360 and PC. Why this entry instead of Saints Row 2 or Saints Row IV (which has remasters on PS4 and Xbox One) isn’t known. We do not have an exact release date as of yet. However, publisher Deep Silver’s tweeted that there is “more info to be revealed in due course”. Considering Gamescom has only just begun, it is likely we will see more information in the next couple of days.

As for the game itself, it is likely that placing Saints Row: The Third on the Switch could mean more Saints Row games in the future. Saints Row IV in particular used the same engine and many of the same assets as The Third. Thus, if The Third runs well, so may IV and the standalone expansion, Gat out of Hell. Upon release, Saints Row: The Third earned praise for its open world gameplay, although some of the humour and characterisation was divisively received.

Weirdly, this would make the Switch the only current-gen console with Saints Row: The Third on it. The PS4 and Xbox One received remasters of Saints Row IV, but not The Third. Hopefully, a successful port of Saints Row: The Third will mean more Saints Row titles on the platform. Despite the Switch’s relatively underpowered hardware, it has been able to run expansive open-world games like Skyrim and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Hopefully, we can look forward to a smooth experience on the Switch.

Attack an enemy in Saints Row: The Third