Sony celebrates 500 million PlayStations with one hot unit

Posted on August 12, 2018

The Sony PlayStation series of consoles has hit a rare milestone, 500 Million units sold. For a company that entered the video game market a mere 24 years ago, an incredible achievement. The original PlayStation was an entry point to video games for a generation much like Nintendo was the generation before. Revolutionising the industry by targeting young adults rather than children and emphasising third party support with friendly programming and policies.

To commemorate the occasion, Sony announced a limited edition PlayStation 4 Pro which will hit shelves on 24th August. My word is this one good looking console. A translucent dark blue case houses a 2TB hard drive, it comes with matching PlayStation Camera and DualShock 4 controller (which will also be sold separately), plus Sony say when turned on you can see its insides. There is a matching wireless headset available as well. Don’t take my word for its hotness, check out the trailer.

Those feels right? Hitting us with the nostalgia, the limited edition PS4 Pro pulsing away. There are 50,000 available worldwide and each one is individually numbered. This kind of special doesn’t come cheap either at $699 here in Australia. The special controllers will be priced at approximately the $100 mark and will be available shortly after the limited edition is released. There are rumours that the Australian allocation has already been pre-sold via the usual channels however there is no confirmation that is the case at this point.

Of course, Sony aren’t the first to release limited edition see-through cases. Those N64’s back in the day were a hot item, there was also the Sega Dreamcast after that and those multi-coloured PlayStation 2 consoles were all pretty special. This is no exception. Expect it’s true value is still yet unknown and will be undoubtedly revealed when it hits the re-sale market.

With the PlayStation 5 rumoured to be on the horizon and with the encouraging interest in this limited edition, maybe Sony will commission some more limited edition PS4’s as it nears the end of its time as their flagship product to give it a send off. But I wouldn’t hold my breathe.

Are you going to try and snap up one of these treats?