Terraria, This War of Mine and heaps more indies headed to the Switch

Posted on August 26, 2018

Nintendo is just going from strength to strength these days on the independent side of things. You cough and a new game is headed to the Switch. It’s glorious and it is here again. The indie train has pulled into the station so let’s take a peek at what the latest highlight reel has to offer.

The Gardens Between

A surreal puzzle game, The Gardens Between is an exercise in nostalgia. Characters traverse wondrous islands filled with trinkets and memories. Utilise the flow of time itself to reach the summit. A fantastic game that I have had the pleasure of playing at PAX last year. A fantastic game, which you can read more about in my Indie Radar article. The game has not only been announced to be coming to Switch but it also received a September 20th release date.

11 Bit studios

11 Bit were out in full force with quite a few announcements. First off is Moonlighter, a roguelike fused with an item shop management game. It has been quite the pleasant little experience, as my review will attest. The title is finally getting its Switch release in the next few months. Also on the horizon, This War of Mine is getting a port job. A sombre and bleak survival horror. Your enemy? Not zombies or demons, but the scourge of war. Trespass, steal, kill, do what needs to be done to survive through the war. This melancholic management game comes to Switch in November. Finally, Children of Morta, a sweet-looking fantasy game. Played either solo or cooperatively, this narrative roguelike will have you slash your way through endless horde’s of enemies. Expect to hear more in the coming months leading to Children of Morta’s release next year.

This War of Mine art


Oh yeah! Space Dogfights! Bringing some procedurally generated chaos to the Switch, Everspace will have you pulling all the barrel rolls to take down enemy ships. It looks pretty fantastic, and if they can rock those kinds of graphics on the Switch, this is a definite pick up if this is in your wheelhouse. Start your engines on this one December 2018.


And finally, how could one not include Terraria? Heralded as an amazing 2D Minecraft-style game by many, Terraria is an icon of indie gaming. Explore, build and fight in a procedurally generated world. Fight off bizarre and terrifying creatures. Just do whatever, and now you can do it wherever, since its dropping on the Switch! Get your pickaxe ready for Terraria coming to the Switch next year.

And that’s just a sample. There were over a dozen games featured in the highlight reel, so hopefully there’s a little something for everyone to look forward to. As always another great smorgasbord, courtesy of Nintendo. Now all we’ve got to do is wait for those sweet, sweet titles to drop in the coming months.