Total War: Three Kingdoms shows off The Ambush of Sun Ren

Posted on August 18, 2018

Total War: Three Kingdoms is the latest entry in the Total War franchise, set in ancient China and will follow the era in Chinese history that saw three waring factions vying for control of the empire, seen more regularly in the slightly over dramatised games such as Dynasty Warriors 9.

The latest gameplay trailer, which shows the Ambush of Sun Ren, highlights more of the mechanics of the game. While it’ll still have the turn-based strategy tactics we’ve come to love the series for, Three Kingdoms will also place a stronger emphasis on hero abilities and individual characters. The gameplay trailer shows this through a one-on-one duel between two individual heroes (one being Sun Ren) in the midst of the war. When Sun Ren kills the enemy’s general, their army is weakened  substantially through lower morale.

Soldiers battle in Total War: Three Kingdoms

The official Youtube description reads: “The Ambush of Sun Ren sees the player commanding the children of Sun Jian and their retinues, defending against waves of incoming heroes and warriors in a desperate bid for survival. Spectacular visuals and lighting bring this misty, moon-washed valley to life, as floating lanterns paint the scene and trees burst into flames, casting dynamic shadows as thousands of troops clash. This battle also treats players to another look at Total War: THREE KINGDOMS’ campaign map. Authentic, atmospheric and striking in its detail, it’s the most beautiful Total War campaign map yet.”

Check the footage out below.

The Ambush of Sun Ren battle will be available to play at Gamescom, which runs between 21 – 25 August in Germany. Total War: Three Kingdoms will release on PC in 2019.