Heroes Unite! Big Hero 6 and VR revealed for Kingdom Hearts 3

Posted on September 11, 2018

You can always depend on an event like the Tokyo Game Show to provide JRPG fans with some new gaming trailers. This time around Square Enix  released some Kingdom Hearts 3 gameplay footage debuting the world of Big Hero 6, among other things, and it looks amazing! The latest trailer has Sora and crew exploring San Fransokyo, meeting the Big Hero 6 team and running into a few familiar faces from past games, along with brief snippets of gameplay featuring the Gummi Ship.

The trailer starts once more with Sora, Donald, and Goofy appearing randomly in a new world before inevitably coming across a situation that requires their intervention. This time it’s Baymax, Hiro, and Gogo who need assistance fighting the Heartless. As to what the storyline of this world will be, it’s still unclear. Although if it’s based off the original movie, then we’re in for a treat. The combat shown is fast and frantic, with Sora’s new Keyblade transformation, Nano Arms, delivering some flashy combo attacks and a swarming lockshot attack that resembles the microbots, created by Hiro in the film.

Additionally, the Kingdon Hearts 3 trailer showed of snippets of both Monsters Inc. and Tangled worlds, as well as more footage featuring the reworked Gummi Ship game mechanic. This time around it would seem that travelling from world to world will require much more effort as the space between worlds is filled with several hazards and large bosses to blast into oblivion. Of course players will be able to do this in style, with several Gummi Ship designs being shown, including Final Fantasy cameos from monsters like Bomb and Ultros.

On top of this,  fans of the series were stunned into silence (myself included) after being shown a new teaser trailer for a Kingdom Hearts VR experience. Something, I’m willing to bet, no one saw coming. While very little is known about what ‘experience’ the development staff have cooking up for us, it would seem that players will get to enter a virtual world where they can attack Heartless in a VR simulation, and that players may get to do so in several different title releases. More news on this development as it arrives.

Of course with Kingdom Hearts 3 being mere months away from release, it’s hard not to get too psyched up for what has been one the most eagerly awaited sequels in gaming history. Coming to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One January 29 worldwide, the third instalment of Kingdom Hearts will be wrapping up the Xehanort Saga which has spanned three main titles and several spin-off games.