Hollow Knight Voidheart Edition has released

Posted on September 28, 2018

Australian indie studio Team Cherry have released their smash hit metroidvania Hollow Knight to consoles in the form of Hollow Knights – Voidheart Edition.

Hollow Knight is a tough as nails platformer/exploration game, aka metroidvania, with fluid controls, a creepy art style, and bugs. Lots of bugs. Bugs everywhere. On Steam, Hollow Knight currently sits at Very Positive with over 25k positive reviews which is no small feat. Since its release last February, Team Cherry has added 4 free expansions to Hollow Knight; Godmaster, Lifeblood, The Grimm Troupe and Hidden Dreams. Each of which added heaps of new content including new characters, quests, boss fights, friends and music. Since then those expansions have released on Switch and PC, but not as yet on the other major consoles. With Voidheart however, that changes.

Hollow Knight: Voidheart Edition marks the release of the complete game on the PS4 and Xbox One, which includes the base game and all of the expanded content. But this announcement has also marked some significant work on the PC and Nintendo Switch version of the game, with Team Cherry stating that there has been a “multitude” of bug fixes in the existing version of the game as well as general balancing and updates. That is sure to please the existing install base.

As part of the announcement as well, there was a live stream on mixer which showed off some gameplay and some speed running. So if that is your kind of thing, I would recommend you check that out. For you trophy obsessed and achievement hunters out there, you are also in for a “treat”, with both being available for their respective consoles which I am positive won’t be difficult or super frustrating at all.

If this sounds like the kind of game for you, it probably is! So you should support the local industry and grab it on Steam, from the Nintendo eShop, Xbox Live or PSN.