For Honour and Glory. The Quake Champions qualifiers begin this weekend

Posted on September 9, 2018

An exciting opportunity for Aussie gamers has just been announced by Bethesda, concerning their popular first-person shooter, Quake Champions. Working together with the Electronic Sports League (ESL for short), Quake Champions will be providing dedicated gamers in the community an opportunity to participate on an international level.

Starting this weekend, September 9th, the 2v2 online qualifiers will kick off and continue right up until the final event, which will be held at this year’s PAX Australia in Melbourne. If that wasn’t already exciting enough, those gamers who make it to the finals will also be provided with flights and accommodation for PAX.


Finals will take place October 28, Sunday and will determine who is worthy of donning the title of Australian Quake Champion on the ESL stage. Additionally, the winning team will be flown to Dream Hack Winter in Jönköping, Sweden to represent Australia at the international level. Taking place between November 30 – December 3, finalists will be competing for a prize pool totalling $200,000 US.

Quake Champions will be a return to the frenzied, action-packed shooter that established Quake as the true blue originator of the genre, over 20 years ago. Delivering a dark mythos, reminiscent of the first Quake, and combining it with the revolutionary multiplayer action of Quake III Arena, Quake Champions will be something spectacular. Each competitor will bring their own unique set of skills and abilities to the game; providing players the opportunity to test their mettle and apply well devised strategies to claim victory.

Quake Champions

Those interested in taking on Quake Champions can register for the online qualifiers by following the link found here. Additional info on the event can also be found on Bethesda’s official site here. So tell us, are you willing to take on the challenge to become Australia’s top Quake player and represent your country for honour and glory?