So many waifus, so little time. Love Esquire is a fantasy dating sim with RPG elements

Posted on September 9, 2018

It’s time to grab your sword and shield and set out to find your perfect waifu in indie game developer Yangyang mobile’s Kickstarter gaming project, Love Esquire. While most fantasy themed games have you playing as a courageous knight setting off to save the kingdom and get the girl, this little dating sim will have you starting your tale as an oh-so-humble squire – on a quest to lose his ‘v-card’. A horned up hero with a slew of girls to choose from, what could possibly go wrong?

The romantic comedy dating simulator will have players attempting to woo one of 5 women. Each potential girl will come with their own personality and history, ranging from a tenacious farm girl to a foreign nation princess. To win a fair maiden’s heart, players will need to carefully delegate their time, lest they remain a virgin forever. Players can expect rich backstory, unexpected challenges, and of course, steamy fan service.

Of course starting at the bottom means you’ll have to work hard improving your personal stats, that is, if you want a chance at winning your dream girl. You’ll be able to practice swordsmanship in the barracks, learn about the world around you in the archives, and socialise with other townspeople in the local tavern. How you spend your time levelling up is up to you.

Love Esquire

The dating sim will feature unique RPG combat mechanics, setting it apart from other sims. Instead of attacking your foes head-on, your below average squire will need to rely on the strength of a knight, all while you act as support. It will be up to the player to control the flow of battle as they heal and boost their knight’s morale, or taunt and loot enemies foolish enough to fall for your ploys.

Love Esquire

Having already achieved its base goal of $10,000 USD within a day, Love Esquire is well on its way to becoming a finalised game. It does, however, have stretch goals which range up to $120,000 USD. If lucky enough to reach these stretch goals, Love Esquire will come with additional features, including animated backgrounds, anime CG’s, a fully voiced cast, and an RPG expansion that allows the 5 maidens to join the battle alongside the squire.

Love Esquire

Coming to PC via Steam, iOS, and Linux supported smart phones, players keen on Love Esquire can download a demo version of the game on their official Kickstarter web page. Personally I’ve never been a big fan of dating sims since they tend to focus heavily on the gratuitous nature of the chase, but Love Esquire might actually be the one of its genre to catch my fancy.