New Pokémon Meltan discovered in Pokémon Go

Posted on September 27, 2018

Log it in your Pokédex – A brand new Pokémon has been discovered!  It’s Meltan, the steel type ‘Hex Nut’ pokémon.

This tiny friend has been popping up in Pokémon Go since last week, confusing players left and right.  There was no announcement or even a hint of a new event, so it was a total surprise when these little tykes appeared. Yet, not a single player has one in their collection: every single one transformed into a ditto when caught. Weird!

Ditto disguised as Meltan in Pokemon Go

It hasn’t been seen or heard from since ancient times, according to Professor Oak in a reveal trailer posted by The Pokémon Company. In it, the two professors discuss the mystery and agree to conduct a joint research into the pokémon. So far we only know the basics: Meltan is only 20cm tall and has a body made of liquid metal and what looks like a single button eye in the middle of a gold nut. Despite its size it weighs a hefty 7 kilos, and is absolutely adorable.

When or where we’ll be able to catch the real Meltan is unknown, but Nintendo has confirmed that the Mythical Pokémon will be obtainable in Pokémon: Let’s Go Pikachu & Eevee. Apparently, Pokémon Go will be the key to obtaining it in-game – linking the two games together even further.