Resonance of Fate is getting a 4K/HD Remaster

Posted on September 20, 2018

The Last Remnant is not the only cult classic JRPG from the last console generation getting a revival. Publisher SEGA and developer tri-Ace have announced a remaster for its steampunk role playing game Resonance of Fate.  The remastered version will be for PS4 and PC, and support 4K visuals.

tri-Ace, also known for developing the Star Ocean games, released Resonance of Fate in 2010 for PS3 and Xbox 360. Although it unfortunately got somewhat overshadowed by Final Fantasy XIII at the time of release, it developed a strong cult following. Players enjoyed Resonance of Fate’s unique gun-themed steampunk aesthetic,offbeat sense of humour and tactical gameplay. However, its oddly-paced plot and lack of visual variety attracted some criticism.

Resonance of Fate takes place in the city of Basel, far above the polluted Earth, where the three leads, Vashyron, Zephyr and Leanne form a mercenary group that perform odd jobs and uncover a mysterious conspiracy.

Unlike many JRPGs, those three are your entire party for the game, and everyone uses a variety of guns and grenades instead of swords. Combat is tactical and involves positioning the characters to attack enemy weak points. They can also use resources to perform “Hero Runs”, allowing them to leap into the air and use awesome acrobatic gun attacks. Players can customise their weapons with new parts to improve their stats. In addition, the game includes a somewhat extensive character customisation feature allowing players to modify characters’ outfits and hair colour.

Combat in Resonance of Fate

It is good news that this unfortunately overlooked gem is getting another chance at recognition. This time, Resonance of Fate won’t be overshadowed by another prominent game in the same genre again. Resonance of Fate 4K/HD Edition will release for PS4 and PC  on October 18.