Rewrite history and shape the future in the Betweenside

Posted on September 10, 2018

Have you ever wanted to change the outcome of an established event in your life and ensure that it had a happy ending? Betweenside, coming to Steam September 12th  2018, will allow gamers to do just that in this first-person Gothic narrative game. Inspired by the works of Oscar Wilde, Charlotte Gilman, and H. G. Wells, the game explores familial and queer themes in an interesting fashion. The trailer, enigmatic as it is, sets the tone for a dark and mysterious game filled with a rich tapestry of story to uncover.

The tale of Betweenside begins with the death of a once well respected patriarch whose familial line lives on by his late sister’s children. His passing brings about the bequeathing of his worldly and unworldly belongings, along with the fate of their family. Players will take control of the family lawyer, whose role it will be to ensure all items go to their correct intended place; doing so by rewriting the history of established tales and passing them off as true.

Set within the uncle’s private chambers, the lawyer will need to gleam the history out of every object; each with their own unique story concerning the family. However the room itself may just have a different plan for the lawyer. The events of Betweenside take place within the interwar period between November 1918 and September 1939; totally appropriate for a gloomy, Gothic inspired style of game.

It’s also worth noting that Betweenside has  been chosen to feature at the Leftfield collection at this year’s EGX, an impressive feat considering it’s the UK’s biggest gaming expo. Coming out for PC on Steam September 12, Betweenside will certainly challenge players to make the hard choices, in game.  Not only to help those in the future, but also to save yourself in the present. When all that stands between you and total darkness is a dying lighter, which decisions will save you and which will cost your happy ending in the Betweenside?