Steam welcomes adult only games with new filtering system

Posted on September 7, 2018

Valve have updated the Steam client with new filtering systems that will see a new type of game become more commonplace on the storefront. A blog post outlines the new filtering system that will give users more control over what games will and won’t appear on the store. More specifically, a “mature content” filter and an “adults only” filter have been added to Steam.

This is a move Valve have been talking about for a while now, and many developers of sexually explicit, adult games have been made to wait for these changes before they were allowed to publish their games on the platform. Up until now, Steam hasn’t been keeping up with a growing demand for adult only games.  The largest platform for adult and sexually explicit games is Canadian based Nutaku who claim to host “over 70 million sessions a month”. With Steam now opening up their platform for similar games, will they become the market leader?

Left 4 Dead 2 with new Steam filtering

The new filtering system may allow some controversial game types onto Steam, although it isn’t allowing everything. Games dubbed to be illegal or “straight up trolling” still won’t be allowed onto the marketplace. So titles such as “Aids Simulator” will remain banned. All in all it seems like a good update, putting the control into the players hands. Now we will have to wait and see the impact of increased adult gaming exposure.