Travis Strikes Again : No More Heroes has your gameplay and release date right here

Posted on September 3, 2018

Travis Strikes Again : No More Heroes has a new gameplay video AND now finally a release date. Lock it in your calendars gamers, January 18 2019 will see the release of Travis Strikes Again : No More Heroes on Nintendo Switch. Developer Grasshopper Manufacture also shared details of a deal involving Devolver Digital title themed t-shirts that will be appearing in the game.

This is certainly one to look forward to. Featuring insane action gameplay, Travis Touchdown ventures into the game  world of the Death Drive Mark II console. Gamers will be fighting their way through seven varied games in an epic battle with Badman. IGN managed to capture 15 mins of gameplay at PAX west, take a look.

Check out that sweet VHS style intro, 16bit title screen, and the Terminator style arrival, not to mention the two player co op action.  I did expect a little more from the graphics though if I’m honest, the camera pans out so far the characters look a little tiny.  However the humour is intact throughout and the development likely still has a little way to go. Hopefully the other games featured provide a little variation to the hack and slash gameplay.

Travis Strikes Again : No More Heroes is part of the No More Heroes franchise. The first, titled Heroes Paradise, was released in 2007 for the Nintendo Wii followed by a sequel in 2010, but from there things went silent on the No More Heroes front until the announcement of Travis Strikes Again in 2017. The originals were well received, praised for their satire, visual style, writing and won several rewards. But eight years is a long time in video game land and although hotly anticipated it remains to be seen if this one will strike a cord with today’s gamers.

Now that there is a release date confirmed, expect information to start coming thick and fast as we near January 18th. Did you play the originals?