The world needs another evil corporation. Enter The Bradwell Conspiracy

Posted on September 2, 2018

BAFTA winning indie studio Bossa Studios have announced The Bradwell Conspiracy, a first person narrative driven game to be launched on multiple platforms. The official website promises a rich narrative, challenging puzzles, immersive environments and a stylistic aesthetic. The Bradwell Conspiracy is set in 2026 and Bradwell Electronics is celebrating the launch of its clean water initiative, however things go horribly wrong.

Your character wakes up following the aftermath of an explosion. Locating another survivor, your only means of communication is via a pair of Bradwell AR smart glasses. Through sharing photos you need to work together to find an escape route and uncover a startling conspiracy along the way. All very intriguing stuff, check out the teaser trailer and familiarise yourself with Bradwell Electronics.

Ah yes, the evil corporation is much more fun in a video game than it is in real life. Could this crew of potentially seedy geniuses rival those of Umbrella Corporation and their nasty secrets? You can check out their themed website here and build your own suspicions. Interestingly, the game features Jonathon Ross as the voice of the induction narrator and other notable contributors such as music by Austin Wintory (Assassins Creed Syndicate) and dialogue consultant Jane Espenson who contributed to Battlestar Galactica and Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

The environments seem to be coming along nicely. Lately there has been a trend toward basic polygons in indie first person games. The Bradwell Conspiracy appears to have a similar-ish look but thankfully they have spruced it up a bit with some texture mapping and colour. Overall it’s looking pretty great and it seems as though the developers are taking a Firewatch approach to atmosphere without a single enemy or creature in sight.

At this point in time there is no whiff of a release date except for ‘coming soon’ and there is no gameplay video available just yet. Nevertheless, definitely one to keep and eye on. You can sign up for updates from the official website and check out their steam page here.