All additions to World of Tanks: Mercenaries this September

Posted on September 12, 2018

A lot of great updates are coming to the free-to-play multiplayer World of Tanks: Mercenaries all throughout the month of September, including new vehicles, maps, and special events.

Players can take part in a new Earn Op called Take Point, where you can win battles and complete Daily Ops in order to earn enough for one of many prizes from, including a Premium tank: the Scourge Kirovets-1. The Scourge has excellent armor, making it well-primed for direct attacks, and a formidable vehicle to add to your collection. Take Point will run all the way until September 28, so there’s lots of opportunity to rack up those points!

Another new event will run from September 19-23, giving players the chance to “fight for your academy”.  It’s a battle for glory between 6 Academies – battle using your special emblem voucher to earn enough XP in battles  to get a completion for your Academy. Work together with your fellow Academy mates to smash the competition and win the most completions to win Premium time and Crew Vouchers.

The following tanks will also become available to be earned via the World of Tanks: Mercenaries Tech Tree:

  • SmoothMan (available September 18): a well-armored Medium Tank led by the American hero Blood Falcon.
  • Caboose (available September 18): a Light Tank that’s manned by the Chinese Mercenary Hidden Death.
  • Thresher (available September 25): an armored Light Tank with a not-so-light weapon and operated by the New Zealander Dark Fox.
  • Stubbs (available September 25): an aggressive Light Tank controlled by the unhinged and dangerous Crazy Snake.
  • Bulwark (available September 25): a Heavy Tank captained by American Mercenary Exiled Wolf that won’t be brought down easily.

In addition, the fan favorite map Hidden Village is returning to rotation for Multiplayer battles on September 18! Hidden Village is a beautiful and scenic location on a secluded mountain that has escaped the destruction of war so far – but not for long! Try not to do too much damage to those antique structures… ah, who are we kidding? That’s half the fun!

Hidden Village in World of Tanks: Mercenaries

World of Tanks: Mercenaries is currently available on Xbox One, Xbox 360, and PS4 for free and more information is on their online portal.  Here’s hoping PC players will receive some similar content in the future.