Checkpoint will be talking slurs and hate online in our panel at PAX AUS

Posted on October 21, 2018

Halloween might be just around the corner but so is Australia’s biggest gaming convention, PAX AUS.  And I can’t think of any better way to celebrate than to reveal that Checkpoint are hosting a panel! That’s right, we’re running a panel at PAX Australia, so If you’re heading to the expo this year then you’re going to want to join us as we discuss Life Online as Female & LGBT+ Gamers.

Slurs, Toxicity & Hate: Life Online as Female & LGBT+ Gamers tackles the tough issue of harassment in online gaming. We cover the many ways in which harassment can take form and how it can affect the daily lives of those it touches. We not only look into the gaming aspects but also the psychological impact and implications this harassment leaves behind, giving our own thoughts and experiences. This panel does come with a trigger warning as panellists will discuss their own experience which could cause discomfort to others.

Our panel will be hosted by non other than the incredibly talented Cameron Honey-Swain, host and editor of Checkpoint. He will be doing his very best to keep us all on topic as well as adding his own valuable incite and making sure there’s plenty of time at the end for you to ask any questions you might have.

Meet our panellists!

Laura Crawford: An academic psychologist and lecturer of game design at Swinburne University of Technology. She has spoken frequently at PAX, Melbourne International Games Week and events internationally. We are extremely excited to have Laura join us for her expertise in the field.

DC McCormick: DC has a Bachelor in Social Research and Policy with Honours and 2 Masters, with a special interest in socially marginalised identities. They are a Queer Blerd (black nerd) Twitch streamer who can be found playing DnD when he’s not streaming.

Luke Axford: Community Manager & Events Coordinator at Melbourne Gaymers and a dedicated cosplayer. We are excited to have Luke joining us this year and keen to see if he will show up to the panel in cosplay or not!

Rachel Humphreys: Writer and co-host for Checkpoint as well as Geeks Out on JOY 94.9. Rachel has a strong gaming background with a particular passion for online gaming, which includes genres such as FPS, MMO and RPG to name a few.

PAX AUS / Melbourne, Victoria

For those interested in joining the Checkpoint team in the conversation, Slurs, Toxicity & Hate: Life Online as Female & LGBT+ Gamers will be held on the second day of PAX AUS which is Saturday the 27th of October, at 3:30pm in the Ibis Theatre, located upstairs on level 2. Those who can’t attend can still join the conversation by leaving a question in the comments. It may end up becoming a discussion point on the day!