It’s time to get creepy with the seasonal Overwatch Halloween Terror!

Posted on October 10, 2018

The return of the seasonal events has begun and today marks the return of one of my personal favourites, the Overwatch Halloween Terror! This is Blizzard’s Halloween themed event for their popular shooter and is currently live across the PS4, Windows PC and Xbox One platforms.

For those who have dabbled in the Overwatch Halloween Terror event before, there will be the return of the familiar and  extremely popular game mode Junkenstein’s Revenge, which is one of  the game’s more challenging and successful game types to come out of an event. Along with Junkenstein’s Revenge there is of course the return of the character skins to purchase from previous year’s Halloween Terrors as well as a sling of all new spectacularly spooky skins to feast your ghoulishly hungry eyes upon from this year.

This year Blizzard have trick or treated things up a little by adding two new heroes to the Junkenstein’s Revenge line up, Brigitte and Tracer will be on hand to show that menacing Doctor and his band of tricksters a thing or two! And yes whilst having some “fresh meat” in Junkenstein’s Revenge is fun and all, we all know it’s really all about those glorious new skins and emotes you can unlock.

Blizzard also has you covered here this year with some of the best skins we’ve seen yet, including six new legendary skins such as Banshee Moira, Jack-o’-lantern Wrecking Ball, and Enchanted Armor Pharah. There’s definitely bound to be something to suit even the pickiest little goblin out there. For a full list and to read more about this year’s Overwatch Halloween Terror Event, head on over to the Overwatch website here or simply hop on line and get playing!