Fangs out: Damsel is releasing very soon

Posted on October 12, 2018

A Unite Melbourne selection and a featured game at PAX Rising last year, Damsel has had quite the reception. Over the years it has gone into Early Access for its last few coats of polish. But now it’s finally ready for you to sink your teeth into. Damsel is getting its full release on October 19 on Steam.

Damsel is such a breath of fresh air. Whilst I do love a good story, there is something so enthralling about this type of breakneck gameplay. Whilst there is a story mode, the real teeth of this game is the arcade mode. This is all about stringing movement and attack combos. Get a giant combo and score it to get your name on the leaderboards and all that jazz. It’s a pretty engaging kind of blend of style and substance on display.

The game will launch with two episodes worth of content, spanning 50 missions and a story. Damsel will be available on PC, with Mac and Linux to follow. No specific dates but Damsel should be coming to consoles sometime in the months that follow.