Fight among the constellations. Saint Seiya comes to Jump Force

Posted on October 15, 2018

By the Gods, Jump Force is reaching out across the constellations to bring back with it two new saintly warriors, Pegasus Seiya, and Dragon Shiryu. Two of the five Bronze Saints from the manga and anime series Knights of the Zodiac, Pegasus and Dragon are both warrior representatives of the Goddess Athena, and fight for Earth’s peace. Running from 1986 – 1990, and producing a number of spin-off’s and series inspired games, it makes sense to include these two celestial heroes.

The latest trailer shows off their fighting capabilities in spectacular fashion, as only a Shonen series protagonist can. Both Pegasus and Dragon appear to be fantastic at fighting their opponents up close, seemingly having no troubles with laying down some epic combo attacks. On top of their close-quarter combat chops, each has their own unique special attacks that possess fantastic reach. Dragon’s Excalibur attack, in particular, looks boss and I can’t wait to see what else both can do battle wise.

Jump Force

Of course this means that with heroes arriving from the Saint Seiya series, hopefully not too far off into the distant future we’ll see the inclusion of some new Saint Seiya villains to go up against, my bet is on Hades making an appearance. The roster for Jump Force has now pushed past 20 playable characters and shows no sign of slowing down just yet, with the release of the game still five months away in February 2019. Coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC, who among the countless Shonen Jump heroes would you like to see make an appearance in Jump Force?