Kellogg and Blizzard appear to be making a real life “Lucio-Oh’s” cereal

Posted on October 9, 2018

A new food listing has appeared for a “Lucio-Oh’s” cereal made by Kellogg. Originally reported on by The Junk Food Isle, the Lucio-Oh’s breakfast cereal will be “sonic vanilla” flavoured and each box sold comes with the opportunity to win a Loot Boost, providing players with an extra Loot Box the next 3 times they level up.

The breakfast cereal was originally an in-game joke found within an Overwatch spray. There are some pretty big changes between the in-game spray and the real world cereal, although the inspiration is pretty clear. You can view the difference below with the original spray on the left.

Lucio-Oh's comparison

Whilst the cereal is yet to be officially confirmed, there are some clues that help make it feel more legitimate. Namely, Blizzard and Kellogg have already partnered up in the past and are currently running a very similar promotion where Loot Boosts can be won after purchasing certain Kellogg products. The listing for the cereal was also found on a legitimate product cataloguing website for food service buyers.

Reportedly the cereal will be available from December 3rd, 2018. Although the regions in which the cereal will be available are still unknown.