You will be able to kill Sean Bean in Hitman 2

Posted on October 21, 2018

In the Hitman games, players control Agent 47, a legendary assassin who must hunt down and kill his targets.  The recent entries have featured Elusive Targets, which are only available to be assassinated for a limited period of a real-world time. The new entry in the series, Hitman 2, has revealed its first Elusive Target, Mark Faba. Faba is appropriately portrayed by British actor Sean Bean, who is no stranger to dying horribly on-screen.

In the trailer, Bean’s character describes his many brushes with death. He could just as easily be describing the high mortality rate of characters played by Sean Bean on film and television. In Hitman 2, Bean plays a rogue ex-MI5 agent-turned-contract-killer Mark Faba, who is nicknamed “The Immortal” due to his history of faking his death on missions. In his monologue, Faba describes many creative ways of killing someone, such as sabotaging a children’s toy, or using a pair of headphones to strangle someone.

As in all other Hitman games, players must learn the environment and find a way of stealthily assassinating the target and getting out unseen. Preferably, Agent 47 must make the death seem like a tragic accident, without anyone suspecting he was ever there. Whilst players can simply snipe the mark from a distance or strangle them, they are rewarded for using the environment creatively to lead to surprising and fatal outcomes. That said, the mission is still technically a success if you survive and the mark doesn’t, so if you’re discovered and have to resort to a chaotic firefight, you can still get the job done.

However, not only are Elusive Targets only available for a few days, but players can’t retry the missions if they fail. As such, players must tackle them carefully and ensure the target doesn’t escape alive. The opportunity to assassinate Sean Bean’s character will begin on November 20, one week after the game launches on the 13th. After that, the mission will be available for ten days, before being replaced with another Elusive Target.