Pokémon GO Gen 4 Pokémon are coming

Posted on October 10, 2018

Pokémon GO players it’s time to clean out your Pokédex because it’s about to get a whole lot bigger! Pokémon from the Sinnoh region are arriving to the mobile game, kicking off the start of Gen 4 Pokémon. A new trailer which hit the internet today from Niantic showcased the arrival of the first Sinnoh Pokémon including the Gen 4 starter trio Chimchar, Turtwig and Piplup. Also shown was the legendary Pokémon Giratina which many players of the game will be extremely excited about.

The Sinnoh Region first debuted in the 2006 Diamond and Pearl Pokémon series. Players of the popular Augmented Reality game have been hoping for Gen 4 for a while now, and it seems like it’s just over the horizon!

Alongside these new Pokémon come a bunch of changes to the game that are based off  “trainer feedback” according to The Pokémon Company.

  • Moving forward, the weather feature will have a reduced effect on the rate at which Pokémon appear.
  • As you explore a given area, you will notice that a greater variety of Pokémon species will appear over time and at different rates.
  • Certain areas, such as parks and nature reserves, will now contain more varied Pokémon species.

Whilst theses changes seem to be more game based as opposed to battle based, more balance tweaks are also planned which include adjustments to CP and HP values, to help close the gap between Pokémon with high and low HP values. Also a rebalance to defence and stamina values will be implemented which will also see an effect on HP values I’m sure. In the end it will be interesting to see how these adjustments play out once implemented and the addition of Gen 4 Pokémon is sure to bring players back to the game once again.