Stardew Valley is soon to be playable on iOS and Android

Posted on October 13, 2018

To date, beloved farming simulator Stardew Valley has amassed well over 3.5 million sales across multiple platforms: PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Switch. And it’s soon to be more accessible than ever, due to the newly announced mobile versions.

screenshot of Stardew valley iOS

An iOS version has been revealed to be coming available later this month, to the cost of about $13. An Android version is also reportedly in the works, though no date has been set for it’s release yet. In a post on his Stardew Valley blog, developer ConcernedApe has gone into detail about the mobile ports. He says the versions will contain the full content of all other versions of Stardew Valley, including the recent 1.3 update. Multiplayer functions are the only thing that’s lacking in these new versions. The game has been reworked with touchscreen controls by London-based developer The Secret Police. And, apparently, PC users will be able to transfer their existing save data to the iOS version through the use of iTunes. No need to start all over again!

ConcernedApe has reassured us that since the port is being handled by a different studio, work on the multiplayer for PS4, Xbox One, and Switch are still on track as promised. Stardew Valley for iOS is expected to drop on October 24th.