Support for Australian pricing is coming to Steam today

Posted on November 21, 2018

Last month we reported that Steam was finally implementing support for Australian pricing. This would finally enable games to be priced in Australian dollars instead of USD.

Developers have been notified by Steam that the launch of the Australian Dollar will be enabled just in time for the annual Spring Sale, at around 3pm Pacific Time on November 20th (10am AEDT on November 21st).  Once the change is in effect, all games must have an Australian Dollar price in order to be able to be sold in Australia.

The email goes like this:

This is a reminder that we are planning to launch the Australian Dollar (AUD) on Steam tomorrow, November 20 at roughly 3pm Pacific Time – just in time for the Autumn sale to begin on Wednesday! If your games don’t have AUD prices submitted before AUD goes live, customers in Australia will no longer be able to purchase them through Steam.

If you haven’t submitted AUD prices for all your games, you should so so through the bulk pricing tool in Steamworks ASAP.

Steam pricing

Hopefully all of the games on the store will have Australian prices, so that our catalogue is as big as other countries. This change will finally simplify the buying process for Australian gamers, saving us from having to convert from US dollars. This would bring Valve’s service up to speed with GoG Galaxy and EA’s Origin service, which have both displayed Australian prices for years.

In any case, it will make the biggest online PC game storefront more convenient for Australian gamers to us. With luck, the changes will be implemented smoothly.

From this morning, we will finally have a Steam storefront designed for Australian currency. It was a change that probably should have happened  15 years ago when Steam was first introduced here. However, it’s still better late than never.