Telltale’s games disappear from storefronts as the company undergoes liquidation

Posted on November 15, 2018

After undergoing a majority studio closure┬áback in September, we knew Telltale Games were not going to be around for very much longer. Although what we didn’t know is quite how quickly the studio’s games would begin disappearing from storefronts. Well it’s officially beginning to happen with many of the developer’s games vanishing from Steam as the company officially undergoes liquidations. Owners of the game will still be able to play the game, but no new purchases can be made.

Telltale are now in the process of wrapping up all of their affairs and officially ceasing to exist as a business. Part of that process appears to be removing their games from sale. The assumption here is that the studio has used pre-existing licenses for their games and with those licenses set to expire, those games can no longer exist. If you’re desperate to purchase some of Telltale’s games before they are gone, I would start searching immediately. Although do note that the developers won’t get a cent of your purchase, that money will be distributed to shareholders by the trustee handling Telltale’s assignment proceedings, a process similar to bankruptcy.

Telltale's games being de-listed, courtesy of @Nitomatta on Twitter

The studio’s closure came as a shock to a lot of gamers. Analysing the reason behind Telltale’s closure is a big task although those looking for more information can head here. Perhaps more confronting was the realisation that Telltale staff would be laid off without severance and under some very unfortunate circumstances. In fact the studio is being sued by a former employee who believes the sudden dismissal of staff violates California labour laws.

With games now disappearing from storefronts it certainly feels like the final chapter of Telltale’s book is ending. The end of an era for a truly unique and much loved company.