Bethesda to now issue real canvas bags after a whole lot of controversy

Posted on December 4, 2018

Bethesda and Fallout 76 have sure been a hot topic of conversation amongst the gaming community for the last few weeks. Most recently, Bethesda received a lot of backlash after gamers who purchased a ~$300 AU Power Armour Edition of Fallout 76 received a product that was inferior to what was advertised. It seemed as though the high quality canvas bags that were promised to come with the purchase had been replaced by a much cheaper nylon variety. Thankfully, Bethesda now appears to be righting that wrong and are in the process of manufacturing more canvas bags to send out to Power Armour Edition purchasers.

For those affected by the bag kerfuffle, you can head over to this web address to fill out a form that should result in a real canvas bag being sent to you. It certainly is a little bit of a relief for those who were understandably dissapointed when they received something less impressive than what was advertised. Unfortunately there is no time-frame for when the bags will get sent out, although with the bags needing to be manufactured first, I wouldn’t be expecting anything soon.

According to some users who got in contact with Bethesda support, the whole controversy started because the canvas bags turned out to be too expensive for Bethesda to produce. Quite frankly a worrisome excuse and something that certainly doesn’t seem acceptable or fair to those who had already purchased the product. With real canvas bags now being sent out, Bethesda have restored a little bit of faith. Although you can’t help but feel annoyed that the situation happened at all.