Blasters and Mutants and Bombs, oh my! Rage 2 gets dated

Posted on December 8, 2018

Exploding bodies, visceral gun fights, and extremely brutal car races are just some of the activities shown in Avalanche Studios’  2018 Game Awards trailer for Rage 2; and we couldn’t be more excited!

The brutal FPS is making its  worldwide debut next year onto the PS4, Xbox One, and PC, so almost everyone will get a chance to join in. This Mad Max gaming homage has taken over 9 years to return with it’s last installment all the way back in 2010, so it was certainly a surprise when first announced. However, after seeing what the trailer had in store for us, there’s little doubt Rage 2 will be a literal smash hit.

Rage 2’s Open World trailer sets a brilliant tone for the game, with a plethora of things happening, so that one viewing is simply not enough to take in all that transpires. The first person perspective makes you feel like you’ve thrown head first into a bizarre post-apocalyptic warzone with mutants, monsters, and gun toting maniacs. There’s certainly no lack of imagination when it comes to all the ways a player can effectively take out their targets, as the weaponry seen ranges from simple hand guns and grenades, to road raging vehicles that mow down anyone in their way. The open world appears to also be full of numerous locales to visit including a “Mutant Bashing” televised arena, Wellspring, a neon wonderland that subtly references Vegas, as well as many other areas to explore.

Rage 2

Wanton destruction can be see all throughout Rage 2’s trailer and it looks like an absolutely cracking game with so much on offer. Even an RPG gamer like myself, who rarely delves into the foray of shooters, is looking forward to raising some hell and smashing in some mutant skulls in this epic and long-awaited sequel.

Rage 2 is set to release worldwide on May 14th, 2019, but sadly no news on whether this gem will be coming to Nintendo Switch. Given the recent releases of other Bethesda games on the Switch though, it’s certainly a possibility. Rage 2’s trailer offers a sense whimsy and delivers an overall entertaining introduction to the game’s final product.