Counter Strike: GO has gone free to play with new Battle Royale mode

Posted on December 7, 2018

As if Counter Strike: Global Offensive needed any more help to reach staggering levels of popularity. In an exciting move developers Valve and Hidden Path Entertainment have just made Counter Strike: GO free to play. In addition to going free to play, they’ve also added an exciting new Battle Royale mode know as Danger Zone (DANGER ZONE!¬†¬† …sorry) which is clearly an attempt to keep up with the modern trend in shooters. For fans of Counter Strike: GO, it’s surely very exciting!

The new Danger Zone will match you up against 17 other players, the last one standing being declared the ultimate winner. This Battle Royale mode will start off much like most others in the genre, being dropped into the zone with the battlegrounds¬† forever shrinking as you Hunger Games it out. In Danger Zone you will also be given the option to take on missions for cash bonuses at the end of game. This may mean that it’s all too easy to become distracted from your main goal of surviving, but then again think of those sweet end game rewards!

Guns can be found in the game like usual, although you can also call in supply drones to drop you off a weapon you need, ammo and more. Surviving will require a unique mix of stealth, tracking your opponents, and constantly moving outside of dangerous zones.

Whether you intend to Play Danger Zone solo, or grab a friend (or two) to hunt or be hunted as a team, this is a sweet win for Counter Strike fans. To start playing Counter Strike: Go today you can head on over to Steam’s website, this is definitely one we recommend you get onto.