Fortnite gets Creative and is all the better for it

Posted on December 10, 2018

Think what you want about Fortnite and the way it has completely taken over video game pop culture; it’s an absolute beast when it comes to popularity. On top of that, it boasts a real quality product that has been constantly evolving since it first released over a year ago. Now, that evolution has taken another step, with Fortnite Creative.

It would have been easy to just keep changing the Battle Royale map, add new features, weapons and skins while keeping the fans satisfied, but Creative mode lets you craft your own private island to muck around on with friends, with the potential to have that private island incorporated into the main game for millions of players.

I’m often in awe at how quickly players can craft gigantic interesting structures just in my day-to-day Battle Royale efforts in Fortnite, and I know from experience that if given the time (like in the underrated Save the World mode that the game humbly began), you can really create some cool buildings, complete with traps, jump pads and all kinds of zaniness.

You can be as detailed as you want and as silly as you please. It even goes as far as being able to create chests and loot piñatas with the weapons and supplies of your choosing, with the addition of being able to tweak all the potential game modes so you can have all sorts of multiplayer madness with your friends.

And being able to craft a map of your choice using the things you love from a game you’ve likely spent a lot of time playing is exciting in and of itself. I’ve put more than enough hours in to have memorised several key locations from the map, so I have a pretty good idea of what I like and what I don’t like. In Fortnite Creative, the choice really is mine in how I want it to be built with unlimited resources and handy pre-made templates… and that’s exciting.

Fortnite Creative The Block

The Block, a slab of concrete, launched live in-game during The Game Awards on Friday, landing and obliterating Risky Reels that stood there before. It’s a 25×25 empty space, so player creations that fit the requirements can be shared using the hashtag #FortniteBlockParty, and select few will be incorporated into the actual Battle Royale map for players to experience.

Fortnite is already known for having a strong and vocal community. With additions like Fortnite Creative and a clear willingness to update their game with care and creativity of their own, it’s no wonder Epic Games have come up with such a winner.

Fortnite Creative is available to try right now for Season 7 Battle Pass owners, and will be available for all players from December 13th.