Geralt of Rivia is heading to Monster Hunter: World

Posted on December 11, 2018

Geralt is no stranger to monster hunting, but this is something quite different. Capcom has announced the latest crossover event for Monster Hunter: World, this one involving CD Projekt RED’s Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. It will be provided via a free update, coming first for PS4 and Xbox One in early 2019, and a PC release soon afterwards.

As seen in the teaser trailer, the famed Witcher, Geralt of Rivia, ends up in the New World through a portal. Fortunately, as he notes, however, monster hunting is a particular speciality of his, and he is able to protect himself. As with Geralt’s guest appearance in Soulcalibur VI, Doug Cockle returns from the main Witcher games to voice the character.

We don’t have many details of how the crossover will necessarily work yet, but Capcom has stated that players will “get to utilise [Geralt’s] signature fighting style” in various quests inspired by The Witcher series. These quests will “offer a unique gameplay experience blending RPG mechanics of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt with Monster Hunter World’s game systems.”

Overall, it sounds rather in-depth, compared with the more minor crossover elements in events such as the Horizon: Zero Dawn crossover for PS4 owners.

Monster hunter world

In addition to this announcement, the Iceborne expansion for Monster Hunter World has also been revealed, which will release later next year. It will bring with it new quest ranks, gear, locations, and of course, new monsters. There will also be new story content, taking place after the main story missions in Monster Hunter: World. Although we don’t have a price yet, it will be an expansion pack that requires the base game to play.

Overall, it is excellent to see such a great game receive ongoing support and fun crossovers like this. Considering how Monster Hunter: World is, by a significant margin, Capcom’s most successful game ever, it is hardly surprising it is receiving new content well into 2019.

Whether you have been playing it since release and are looking for more content, or have yet to dip your toes into the franchise, next year sounds like an exciting time to be playing Monster Hunter: World.