Obsidian’s space western The Outer Worlds revealed

Posted on December 7, 2018

Obsidian, the developers of Fallout: New Vegas, have revealed their new game at the Game Awards. It is called The Outer Worlds, and it definitely feels like they’re trying to recapture a lot of what made New Vegas great.

The Outer Worlds is an FPS-RPG set on a space colony on the edge of the galaxy. You play as a colonist who travelled to the frontier, only to find it having been bought and oppressed by powerful corporations. To free your fellow colonists, you will have to do a lot of shooting, and a lot of interacting with quirky NPCs.

The trailer does an excellent job of introducing the space western setting, complete with a dark sense of humour that you would expect from the developers of Fallout: New Vegas. The trailer also gives off Borderlands vibes, considering it is also set on the frontier of space and involves taking on a massive corporation with lots of firepower.

Our first look at The Outer Worlds

The Outer Worlds will be published by Private Division, which is a label set up by Take-Two to publish medium budget games. Despite Microsoft having bought Obsidian, The Outer Worlds will be released on PS4, as well as Xbox One and PC. This is likely due to the contracts for the game’s distribution being finalised before Microsoft’s purchase of the studio. There is no definitive release date yet, but we should expect the game next year.