Prey’s multiplayer Typhon Hunter launches next week to thrill us all

Posted on December 7, 2018

Prey, the highly acclaimed survival first person shooter is finally getting a multiplayer expansion next week. The expansion known as Typhon Hunter was announced back when the Mooncrash expansion was launched and has been a hot topic of conversation for fans of the game ever since.

Hyped as the deadliest game of hide and seek you’ll ever play, Typhon Hunter has six players competing in a mode that has one player, playing as the main games title protagonist Morgan Yu, hunting five Mimics.  The five Mimics are able to disguise themselves as anything they can attack from the shadows for maximum effectiveness and obviously jump scares. The player playing as Morgan Yu must kill all five mimics before a timer runs out to win the game.

Key Features

  • Multiplayer Hide-and-Seek: Face off against fellow players or AI in this intense, asymmetrical multiplayer mode. As Mimics, team up to create ridiculous traps for Morgan. There are endless strategies and places to hide as you fight to stay alive. Morgan players will need to eliminate all Mimics before the time runs out to win.
  • Reality and Virtual Reality: Are you bold enough to strap on a VR headset for extra immersion (and extra scares)? Typhon Hunter is playable both traditionally and as a VR mode for PlayStation 4 and PC players.
  • Jumpscares Galore: Death lurks around every corner in Typhon Hunter. Don’t trust the world around you and, most importantly, don’t blink.
  • Iconic Talos I Locations: Revisit iconic locations from Talos I, now fraught with fresh peril. Cut loose with the hip sounds of the Yellow Tulip Karaoke Bar, conduct experiments from Morgan’s office, and even grab a fresh cup of coffee in Morgan’s apartment.
  • TranStar VR: A single player VR-only campaign included in the Typhon Hunter update – puts you in the shoes of various TranStar employees as you complete objectives and solve intricate puzzles on Talos I, just days before the events of Prey.

Typhon Hunter launches next week on December 11th as part of an upcoming update for Prey and will be available on PlayStation 4, Windows PC and Xbox One. Typhon VR will also be launched in January for Playstation VR and WIndows PC.

Typhon Hunter

For those lucky enough to be playing on these systems you’ll be able to play the game in both the multiplayer Typhon Hunter mode using VR as well as TranStar VR, a single-player style escape room set aboard the Talos I.