PvP is arriving to Pokémon GO

Posted on December 1, 2018

It’s a busy little period for Pokémon GO players right now. Not only is today the start of the game’s huge 3-day community event that includes increased spawns of all past community day Pokémon, but Niantic are also sneakily teasing some much anticipated features over on their Twitter.

The big feature being teased is Player vs Player. This is a feature we knew was coming but it’s awesome to have official confirmation. What is even better is that it seems the PvP feature will also arrive with updated battle mechanics that will employ more strategy than the current ‘tap until your finger hurts’ method. This is great news for anyone, like myself, who was very upset with the current battle system. We know about this updated battle mechanic because a couple of prevalent members of the industry have already gone hands-on with the new PvP feature, including IGN Executive Editor Andrew Goldfarb and YouTuber Spieletrend who specifically mentioned the strategy elements to battle. Unfortunately they were very tight lipped, awaiting an official in-depth announcement from Niantic.

So far Niantic have only revealed a few little details about the PvP feature, including a set of different leagues players can enter that will each have a different CP requirement for their Pokémon. We are keeping our eyes peeled for more info!

PvP is certainly the most anticipated feature for the game but the teasing didn’t stop there. A series of cryptic Tweets were also sent out with images of the Pokémon GO scenery with big “!” bubbles. Many players have deducted that this may be a build up to the release of Kecleon, the chameleon Pokémon who is yet to be released from Gen III.