A real brain drain! Psychonauts 2 story trailer released

Posted on December 8, 2018

It’s been over thirteen years since Psychonauts last main game graced the screen, all the way back in 2005, with only a short VR game in 2017 to tie in the first game and it’s upcoming sequel.

At this years 2018 Game Awards, Double Fine Productions treated fans of the cult classic to the first story trailer of their eagerly awaited sequel, Psychonauts 2. After viewing the trailer several times it’s safe to say that Psychonauts 2 looks visually stunning and is starting to sound like another fun romp that’ll keep you and Rasputin (Raz for short) busy for hours on end.

Psychonauts 2 is a direct sequel to its 2005 predecessor and the 2017 VR release Rhombus of Ruin; joining Raz once again as he joins other highly decorated Psychonaut team members at their home base – The Mother Lobe. Cheesy puns aside, the game looks and sounds amazing with the trailer detailing, in-part, the plot of the upcoming game. Raz and friends will dive headfirst into the inner workings of the Mother Lobe, but he’ll need to be cautious as this is no summer camp, and danger and mystery lurk within the deepest recesses of the organisation.

The original voice actors for main characters Raz and Lili, Richard Horvitz and Nikki Rapp, will also be reprising their roles to give the game a real sense of continuity. Of course the best part of the trailer was the witty dialogue we’ve come to expect for the series, Raz in particular is refreshing and delightfully buoyant.

Psychonauts 2

This crowd funded (Fig.co) sequel has been in the making for a little over 3 years and we are finally seeing the results of the developers hard work. There’s little doubt that Psychonauts 2 has managed to, once again, capture the magic of this kitschy world and create a memorable gaming experience.

Despite its lack of a concrete release date, the sequel is planned for a 2019 release onto the PS4, Xbox One, PC, Mac, and Linux devices.  We here at Checkpoint are eagerly awaiting the return of Raz, Lily, and the rest of the Psychonauts as they uncover the mysteries of the Mother Lobe.