Get ready to build your dream rig with PC Building Simulator

Posted on January 13, 2019

A quick search on the internet will uncover some truly crazy PC cabinet builds, some look more like a mad mans laboratory than an everyday household computer. Although liquid cooling, light strips and graphics cards etc may be a little out of reach for most. Thanks to The Irregular Corporation’s PC Building Simulator, shortly you will be able to build the machine of your dreams and fantasise… if you are into that kind of thing.

The alpha demo of PC Building Simulator enjoyed viral success back in 2017 and spent time in early access on Steam last year. It has been crafted into a fully fledged PC Building Simulator and is due to leave early access on January 29th, featuring hundreds of licensed parts to allow you to create the ultimate rig.

In PC Building Simulator, players run their own computer shop. Diagnosing and fixing issues, creating custom designs for customers using parts from name companies such as AMD, CORSAIR, GIGABYTE and Razer, it even features a simulated bench-marking software so you can see how your creation performs. The early access phase has included monthly updates of features and parts, according to The Irregular Corporation, the frequent addition of content will continue as the game leaves early access.

So now you can use your computer to play a game, based around building a faster, better computer. Perhaps run those scenarios or thoughts of components through the sim and see how they turn out.  The trailer demonstrates a significant amount of detail put into the building process and information about the components. The store management seems appropriately detailed also as your receive direct messages from your customers. This could be a winner for those even partially interested in custom building a PC.

PC building simulator

PC Building Simulator is available now via early access until January 29th on Steam. Somewhat unsurprisingly there are no plans to port the title over to consoles. What a shame.