New Dragon Ball Z action RPG to begin development in 2019

Posted on January 17, 2019

Dragon Ball Z was, and still is a worldwide phenomenon that has spanned countless manga, anime, movie, and video game adaptations. This series was a pivotal part of my own childhood and I distinctly remember waking up early each morning to catch the latest episode on TV before heading off to school.

Bandai Namco has recently announced via their Twitter account that there is a new title in the works within the franchise under the working name of  ‘Dragon Ball Game Project Z’, the original Tweet is included below.

There is currently not much known about this particular game other than it will be an RPG and that more details will follow towards the end of January at the DRAGON BALL FighterZ World Tour Finals.

After the huge success and positive critical reactions to 2018’s FighterZ, it is no surprise that Bandai Namco wants to ensure another equally successful title is developed for the franchise’s loyal fans.

See what we had to say about Dragon Ball FighterZ when it came out last year in our review. What are your wants and wishes for this future title? Let us know in the comments below!

New Dragon Ball Z game